I was born in Vienna in 1963.

I finished a commercial school. Worked some years in a state offfice.

After my marriage I got mother of 2 daughters.

gardening, art, pottery, colours, photography, events


I love working with clay and colours.
My pottery consists of many objects, such as bowls and clocks.

2000 I have started to make necklaces and brooches with clay.My objects can be seen at exhibitions. You can get my works on some art-markets in Vienna my exhibitions are announced here since 2000.


As a chairwomen of the artsgroup of KunstPlatzl in Vienna.

I have been in charge of the advertisement and organisation for the KunstPlatzl exhibitons in Vienna since 2002 and since 2012 of the Young Austria-Documetation . It was published first at the ÖGB-Verlag in 2012 and at the Verlag Theodor Kramer Gesellschaft in 2014.

More Information here:

I initiated the
Austrian Centre commemorative plaque
It was unveiled in 2016 in London.


I am the founder of KunstPlatzl-International.
Have fun looking at pictures you can find here. Just follow the links!

Exhibition and book project - Nov. 2019

Selma, Bertha und Gundl, geb. STEINMETZ
Frauen im Widerstand 1938–1945

Sonja FRANK (Hg.)

The Three Sisters.
Selma, Bertha and Gundl, nées STEINMETZ
Women in the Fight against Fascism 1938–1945

by Sonja FRANK

Book in German and picture title and some biographical fields will be in English.

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